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Sermon Quotes: "One Thing Is Necessary"
by Bethany Chesemore on January 3rd, 2024
“New Year’s finds me employed. I compare it to a hill on the road from the top of which I endeavor to look back on the way the Lord has led me thus far through the wilderness. I look around to contemplate the difference his goodness has made between my situation, and that of thousands of my fellow creatures. I then look forward and perceive that I am drawing apace to my journey’s end. I shall soon...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Love"
by Bethany Chesemore on December 26th, 2023
“In John’s vocabulary, world is primarily the moral order in willful and culpable rebellion against God. In John 3:16 God’s love in sending the Lord Jesus is to be admired not because it is extended to so big a thing as the world, but to so bad a thing; not to so many people, as to such wicked people.” - D.A. Carson“It is staggering that God should love sinners; yet it is true. God loves creatures...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "The Giver of All Good Gifts"
by Bethany Chesemore on November 28th, 2023
“It is impossible to walk with God if we question his goodness.” - Kent Hughes“Since God controls all that happens in his world, every meal, every pleasure, every possession, every bit of sun, every night’s sleep, every moment of health and safety, everything else that sustains and enriches life, is a divine gift. And how abundant these gifts are! ‘Count your blessings, name them one by one,’ urge...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "The Grace of Partnership"
by Bethany Chesemore on October 2nd, 2023
“Westerners (particularly North Americans) have a cultural bias toward promoting overindependency on the part of the churches they establish. Even when their churches actually belong to a larger fellowship of churches, the likelihood of those churches assuming an active role in the larger fellowship is not always great.” David Hesselgrave“Paul’s words stand as a rebuke to the Corinthians’ myopic i...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Taste and See"
by Bethany Chesemore on September 18th, 2023
“David turns to acting and proves convincing. He dabbles nonsense graffiti on the doors to the town gate (more maintenance for Gath’s Park and Recreation Department) and let his spit run down his beard. A little exposure to the constant scratching and soaking convinces Achish he’s got another crazy around him, as if, in his view, he doesn’t already have his quota of such folks. Apparently confinem...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Worth Dying For"
by Bethany Chesemore on June 13th, 2023
“The pulpit is the setting for drama. The gospel itself is dramatic. We are not speaking of the sense of drama as a contrived performance or as a make-believe world of play-acting…The preacher doesn’t make the gospel dramatic-it already is…I urge students, when they read a biblical text, to look for the drama.” R.C. Sproul“Keep in mind that the divide between Jews and Gentiles was not small or sim...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "No Little Disturbance"
by Amanda Spiro on May 9th, 2023
“The Crowd Is Untruth, is both profound and prophetic. In it, he captures brilliantly both the power of the anonymity of the crowd, where personal responsibility, accountability, and identity are surrendered to the larger group. He pinpoints that which became all too tragically true in the subsequent century, the ease with which a talented person can manipulate a crowd into doing the most terrible...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Pentecost Catches Up"
by Amanda Spiro on May 3rd, 2023
“Every text has a divine intention in our lives, which means everytext has a contribution to make in shaping us. That shaping intentis more obvious in some texts than it is in others, but it is alwaysthere and always at work.” Jeff Purswell“In a word, they were still living in the Old Testament whichculminated with John the Baptist. They understood neither thatthe new age had been ushered in by Je...  Read More