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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "O Foolish Galatians"

Overview of the Sermon:
In response to the Galatian church’s risk of losing their grip on the gospel, Paul issues a series of pointed questions. In this sermon, Steve summarized Paul’s questions, and turned them towards us. As the Galatians’ assurance of salvation drifted from Christ alone to their own works, Paul essentially asks “How did your salvation begin?” Since there is no rest, no joy, no assurance when we base our salvation on our performance, the next series of questions get at, “How is it going?” In view of salvation beginning with Christ, and our temptation to drift from Him, Steve concluded with the question, “How then shall we live?” We continue to grow in Christ, by returning to where it all began for us: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions:
1. Steve began with the question, “How did it begin?” How did you first come to know Jesus?

2. Steve pointed out that we can assess how we are doing by asking “Do I lack joy?”; “Do I struggle with a sense of amazement or gratitude?”; “Am I more aware of my performance than the Spirit’s work in my life?”; “Have spiritual disciplines just become a duty?”; “Do I ever envy unbelievers?” How have you seen these warning signs in your life?

3. How does rehearsing what Christ has done for you, guard you from depending on your own performance?

4. How have you seen the Spirit’s power and presence in your life recently?

5. How does this passage help you to point others in your life to Jesus rather than rules and practices?