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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Our Prowling Adversary"

Sermon Overview:
First Peter 5:8-11 gives us a glimpse of the person behind the persecution of the church in Acts–Satan. Not only should we be aware of his evil efforts in our lives, but his strategies during the time of the early church are often the same today. In light of this, Peter tells us what we should do: be sober-minded, watchful, and resist him. Peter also reminds us that although the enemy works especially in suffering, what the church is suffering isn’t unique, they aren’t alone, and their suffering is time-limited.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Verse 8 tells us to be watchful and sober-minded. How often do you think of spiritual warfare in your own life and battle against sin?
  2. Ferguson said that “Satan’s plan is to blind us to God’s grace and to diminish our trust in him, crushing our love for him and destroying all the pleasures of grace.” How does Satan use suffering and persecution to accomplish his goal?
  3. CJ reminded us that resisting the devil means becoming experts in the gospel. What aspect or outworking of the gospel has been helpful for you?
  4. Verse 9 reminds us that we ultimately suffer together. How has this sermon affected
    your pursuit of others in the church who are suffering?
  5. Verse 10 gives us an eternal perspective in our suffering and reminds us that Satan’s efforts won’t last forever. How does this truth comfort you in your present
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