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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Keeping God and the End in Sight"

Sermon Overview:
There are two contrasting portraits in this psalm. One portrait is of the wicked. The other is of the pure in heart. The wicked are proud, violent, wealthy, and they speak against God. The pure in heart are humble, they hope in God, and they treasure God. Asaph, the writer of the Psalm, is tempted to envy the wealth and success of the wicked. But he repents, turns his gaze on God, and remembers that God is his treasure.

Discussion Questions:

1.This psalm paints the portraits of two types of people: the wicked and the pure in heart. What are the characteristics of each type of person?

2. In the beginning of the psalm, Asaph was tempted to envy the wealth and the success of the wicked and wondered if it is worth living the life of the righteous. Have you ever had a similar experience to Asaph?

3. Asaph said that he almost fell and faltered in his faith. However, the community of believers helped keep him from falling. How has the community of believers helped keep you from falling? How have fellow Christians recently encouraged you in your faith?

4. By the end of the psalm, Asaph realized that true prosperity is not found in riches, health, or success, but in God. God is the treasure of the pure in heart. How have you recently experienced the goodness and grace of God? How can you treasure God the rest of this week?