Our Deacons

The word deacon means servant. The office of deacon originated in the early church as need arose for skilled men with high moral character to assess and attend to the church’s practical needs. Though Scripture provides no formal list of duties for deacons, their primary call is to lead the church in the tasks of service and caring for its temporal needs. At SGCL, this includes a broad range of functions such as benevolence issues, financial accountability and input, and the ability to administrate. The qualifications for deacons set the standard for the way in which they live their lives. Essentially, they must be men of integrity and have a firm grasp of the gospel. These qualifications are reflected in all of the deacons that the Lord has graciously provided for our church.

Our deacons can be contacted by email at info@sgclouisville.org 

deaconheadshots-3 Arnie Baer  |  testimony

deaconheadshots-6 Mike Bradshaw  |  testimony  

deaconheadshots-2 Jason Briggs

deaconheadshots-5 Mark Donovan 


deaconheadshots-10 Caleb Gallifant  |  testimony


deaconheadshots-4 Paul Medler  |  testimony


deaconheadshots-9Cris Williams  |  testimony


deaconheadshots-8 Caleb Bussell  |  testimony


deaconrichheadshot-2 Rich Humphrey  |  testimony


deaconheadshots-7 Chad Hester  |  testimony