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"As each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace...In order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ." (1 Peter 4:10-11) Service is at the heart of our church. And Christ’s transforming grace enables us to serve with joy and gladness.

Members of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville are encouraged to explore how they can use their gifts in one or more ministries of the church.

Serving Areas

Participate as a vocalist or instrumentalist in the band on Sundays
• Time Commitment: 8am-1pm
• Assist with set up of your own instrument and the entire sound system
• Respond promptly to Planning Center invitations
• Be familiar with and adhere to the Musician Guidelines for Sovereign Grace Church
• Be familiar with the songs we’ll be singing on the mornings you serve
• Support the leader and other musicians in the band through attentiveness, encouragement,
and responsiveness
• Help tear down the sound system until the cases are ready to be loaded into the trailer
Participate in the choir on Sundays
• Time Commitment: 9am-1pm (one Sunday per month) & 2pm-4:30pm (two Saturdays per
• Commit to two monthly rehearsals
• Commit to one Sunday morning
• Support the leader, band musicians, and other choir members through attentiveness,
encouragement, and responsiveness
Sound Mixer
Oversee mixing for the band, preaching, and live stream on Sundays
• Time Commitment: 8am-1pm
• Assist with set-up of console, snakes, and speakers
• Perform a sound check with the band
• Check the speaker mics
• Check that audio is being sent to the camera & external recorder
• Record the meeting
• Actively mix during the meeting
• Help tear down audio equipment
Run lyric projection for the room
• Time commitment: 8am-1pm
• Run 50ft. HDMI to the computer
• Make sure that the lyrics are formatted and in the correct order
• Connect audio cable from the console to the computer
• Add in and format sermon quotes
• Start pre-meeting and post-meeting Sunday music on iTunes
• Tear-down projection equipment
Run the camera
• Time commitment: 8am-1pm
• Set up camera, tripod, & power cable
• Run audio cables from the console to the camera
• Run 50 ft HDMI cable to the video switcher
• Make sure the SD cards are in the camera and format them before recording
• Make sure the HDMI display settings on the camera are set to 1080i
• Record the service on the camera
• Deliver SD card(s) to the Mixer
• Tear-down video equipment
Stage Manager
Oversee set-up and tear-down
• Time Commitment: 8am-1pm
• Know how to set everything up, point people in the right direction, answer questions from
set-up and tear-down crew, and train new volunteers
• Understand audio and be able to assist the FOH mixer as needed
• Know how to set up speakers, snakes, outputs from the console, cables, mic stands, music
stands, vocal mics, prophecy mic, ambient mic, drum mics, etc.
• Change batteries in every mic before the service
• Deliver mics to all of the pastors
• Help tear down all equipment
Greet and serve members/guests before, during, and after the meeting
• Time commitment: 10:00am-12pm
• Warmly greet everyone upon arrival
• Answer questions from guests
• As necessary, help seat guests
• Run the welcome table before and after the meeting
• Distribute bread and juice on Communion Sundays
Serve the children & families of SGCL
• Time commitment: 10:15am-12:15pm
• Must be MinistrySafe certified
• Can serve in the nursery, 2&3’s, 4&5’s, or Elementary age classrooms
Help ensure the safety and security of church meetings
• Time commitment: 10:00am-12:30pm
• Ensure that the gospel is proclaimed each week without any interruption or distraction to the
pastor or the congregation
• Must be MinistrySafe certified
• Wear a headset during the service to allow communication between the team
Set-up & Tear-down Crew
Set-up and tear-down equipment
• Time Commitment: 8am-1pm
• Arrive on time to help with setting up and tearing down all classrooms