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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Freed To Serve"

Overview of Sermon:
Paul continues his letter to the Galatians by reminding Christians that the freedom granted to them in the gospel is entirely due to the sovereign calling of God. Paul warns the Galatians against using their gospel freedom to gratify their own selfish desires, writing that such behavior leads to the destruction of church unity. Instead, Paul exhorts the Galatian believers to leverage their gospel freedom to serve each other through love, thereby fulfilling the entire purpose of the Old Testament law.
Discussion Questions:

1. Quoting Charles Spurgeon, CJ encouraged us to “fly back to the day and hour in which you were made Christ’s forever” and remember God’s initiative in our salvation. How are you affected by recalling the LORD’s sovereign orchestration when you came to faith in Christ?
2. In what ways are you tempted to use gospel freedom for selfish means, and how can you apply this passage when you experience such temptation?
3. As CJ encouraged us to reflect, how can you use the freedom God has granted you in the gospel to serve your spouse, parents, or friends more readily this week?