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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Trusting God in the Darkness"

Sermon Overview:
In a world of often inexplicable suffering, it’s easy to doubt. We often do not know why intense or prolonged trials occur. When we doubt if God is really good, we can look back to Jesus where he proved his unchanging goodness to us through his life, death and resurrection on our behalf.

Discussion Questions:

1. Steve pointed out that doubt is not the same as unbelief and that doubt is not sin. How are these distinctions helpful to you?

2. What is a situation where you are struggling with doubting God’s goodness? How did this sermon comfort you specifically?

3. Steve talked about having a “keyhole” perspective on suffering. This can occur when we view suffering through our own personal lens without seeing all of the facts. Where might the Lord be calling you to view your circumstances through the broader lens of Who He is?

4. How can/do you bring the reality of the cross to bear on your doubts? On others' doubts?

5. How did this sermon equip you for conversations with nonbelievers about suffering and the brokenness of the world?