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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Nothing's Changed but Everything's Different"

Sermon Overview:
In Psalm 57, we see David still in his desolate and isolating situation. Though this is one of the darkest moments in David’s life, CJ showcases how David uses his best theology to find hope and joy in the midst of his trial. The psalm begins with David’s prayer for deliverance that is coupled with confidence that God will deliver him and fulfill his purposes for David’s life. The psalm then continues with David’s promise of praise to God because of his confidence that God will bring justice to his enemies, and the expectation that he will praise God among the people of the nations. Lastly, CJ highlights the repeated refrain in verses 5 and 11 that display David’s desire for God to be magnified and glorified which far exceeds his desire to be delivered from his circumstances.

Discussion Questions:
1. In this psalm, David’s confidences are informed in the knowledge of God’s sovereignty and his character. What aspects of the character of God have been a source of comfort and/or confidence in the midst of trials?

2. CJ mentioned that “The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever” is the most-repeated phrase in all of Scripture to show us that God knows we need this constant reminder. When are you tempted or what circumstances could cause you to doubt his steadfast love?

3. How does David’s confidence that God will fulfill his purposes bring comfort to you in the midst of hard circumstances? What are some ways that you can grow in your confidence of God’s deliverance and promises fulfilled?

4.  The repeated refrain shows David meditating “not on God’s sovereign power, but on God’s sovereign importance.” He is more concerned that God be glorified than he be delivered from this darkest moment. In our “urgent personal interests” we can lose sight of this truth. What is an urgent personal interest that tempts you to focus more on the circumstance than on God being glorified?

5. What is a practical way that you can seek to bring glory to God in the midst of your suffering that could cause the lost world to notice?