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Sermon Quotes: "Taste and See"

“David turns to acting and proves convincing. He dabbles nonsense graffiti on the doors to the town gate (more maintenance for Gath’s Park and Recreation Department) and let his spit run down his beard. A little exposure to the constant scratching and soaking convinces Achish he’s got another crazy around him, as if, in his view, he doesn’t already have his quota of such folks. Apparently confinement ceased and David was permitted to go slobbering on this way.” Dale Ralph Davis

“Behind this lies the idea that the ideal praise to God is his assembled people joining their voices in thanking him.” John Collins

“Holy fear leads us to dread anything which might cause our Father’s displeasure.” Charles Spurgeon

“I want to keep better track of the many mini-deliverances in my life. I can look back on days when there was too much work, too much pain, too many expenses, too little wisdom; and I can see how God delivered me.” Ed Welch