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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Anything But Ordinary"

Sermon Overview:
Paul continues his missionary journey by traveling to Macedonia and Greece, accompanied by believers from different regions of the ancient world. Finally, Paul travels to Troas and there celebrates the Lord’s Day with local Christians. As Paul is teaching during their gathering, a young man named Eutychus falls asleep at an open window, falling three stories to his death. Standing over him, Paul assures the church of Eutychus’ well-being as he raises him from the dead. The church at Troas continued to break bread together and were greatly comforted in the life-giving power of the unstoppable gospel.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it significant that after three months of preaching the gospel in Greece, Paul decides to visit Macedonia again? What does this tell us about what Paul prioritized in his ministry?

2. Luke lists seven Christian believers that accompanied Paul in his journey to Troas. What is the significance behind the identities of these believers?

3. What does Eutychus’ resurrection highlight about the nature of the gospel and/or the character of God?

4. CJ mentioned that there are three elements of the Christian Sunday gathering illustrated in this passage. What are the three elements, and how does our church strive to exemplify each of the three?

5. If you were explaining Sunday Christian worship to a non-Christian, would you describe Sunday worship as the combination of different practices, or the repetition of a central theme?