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Sermon Quotes: "What God Looks For In Our Worship"

“The entire sacrificial system of the Old Testament was God's way of driving home to his people the horror of sin and the need for it to be punished - if not by the guilty one, then by an animal bearing that guilt. Yet the story of the Old Testament is a story of Israel's misusing the sacrificial system, using it to attempt to buy God off in a coldly transactional way rather than allowing it to move them to deeper contrition and trust in him.” Dane Ortlund

“God would still be God if we offered him nothing, but we would not be truly human if we did not make an offering. Sacrifice should have been food for thought, not food for God.” Robert Davidson

“As soon as we begin to think that we are doing God a favor by our worship we dishonor God and slide into a false religion of works righteousness.” James Boice

“We confuse God’s patience with God’s permission.” Allen Ross

“God’s name is especially connected with his promises of faithfulness and kindness to his people. The wicked are abusing this.” John Collins