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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Surprising Guidance"

Sermon Overview:
We all look for signs of God’s will for our lives. In this sermon, CJ gives us a category for discerning God’s guidance in our lives–especially if it leads to painful circumstances. We looked at two surprises in this text. First, we looked at the surprising relationships of the fellow believers Paul encounters on his journey. The gospel creates bonds that are quickly formed and hard to break. The second thing we looked at was the surprising guidance Paul encounters through his journey to Jerusalem. Each stop had warnings of what would happen to Paul in Jerusalem, but Paul responded not in fear–but counted this as confirmation of what God had called him to earlier in Acts.

Discussion Questions:

1. As you read this passage, what would your response have been if you were in Paul’s position?

2. CJ said, “Community created by the gospel prioritizes fellowship.” How have you been impacted by the fellowship of the church in your life?

3. Paul had many friends pleading with him not to go to Jerusalem on account of what waited him, how would you have counseled Paul?

4. CJ helpfully taught us to have a category for suffering in our lives. How has this informed your understanding of God’s plan in your life?

5. Tell of a time God’s guidance has led you through suffering. How did he sustain you through that time?