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Sermon Quotes: "The Prisoner Preaches"

“The Jewish rejection was a reality and a riddle. To a great extent it remains so-how the gospel of God’s salvation which was foreshadowed in the Jewish Scriptures, fulfilled in a Jewish Messiah, and first proclaimed by Jewish heralds like Paul would ultimately be embraced not by the Jews but primarily by Gentiles.” John Polhill

“O Lord, I am astonished at the difference
     between my receivings and my deservings,
     between that state I am now in and my past gracelessness,
     between the heaven I am bound for and the hell I merit.
Who made me to differ, but thee?
     For I was no more ready to receive Christ than were others;
I could not have begun to love thee hadst thou not first loved me,
     or been willing unless though hadst first made me so.
O that such a crown should fit the head of such a sinner?
     such high advancement be for an unfruitful person!
     such joys for so vile a rebel!
Infinite wisdom cast the design of salvation
     into the mold of purchase and freedom;
Let wrath deserved be written on the door of hell,
But the free gift of grace on the gate of heaven.”
Valley Of Vision