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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Moving Farewell"

Sermon Overview:
Paul gives a poignant goodbye speech to the Ephesian elders. He seeks to prepare them for a future he will not see. First, Paul highlights his affectionate and sacrificial pastoral example. Paul also gives the Ephesian elders a solemn charge to care for God’s church. Finally, Paul expresses confidence that God and the “word of his grace” will build up the Ephesian believers.

Discussion Questions:

1. How did this passage motivate you to encourage or pray for our pastors?

2. Verse 28 says that Jesus obtained the church of God “with his own blood.” How does this phrase remind you of God’s love for you personally?

3. CJ quoted John Stott as saying, “If the church is worth his blood, is it not worth our labor?” Where do you think God may be calling you to a renewed love and labor for his church?

4. The “word of his grace” is essentially shorthand for the gospel. Do God’s grace and the story of the gospel still surprise you? If not, why might that be?

5. Where do you feel the need to be built up by grace? How does God’s pardoning, justifying, sanctifying, comforting, or sustaining grace meet your specific need?