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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Hidden Actor"

Sermon Overview:
In this sermon, CJ brings our attention back to the invisible hand of God. God is using some of the hardest days for Paul in a way that is gospel advancing and Christ exalting. Paul remains in prison for over two years and as a result is able to share the gospel with kings and rulers. He did not know all the reasons why God had him in prison, but he was given the opportunity to preach before Festus and King Agrippa and be sent to Rome to plead his case before Caesar. Paul trusts God in the most uncertain hours and is faithful in the hardest days.

Discussion Questions:

1. In this passage, God directs all the small details of Paul’s situation. By being in Roman custody for those long years, Paul is protected from the Jewish leaders and he gets to share the gospel in the halls of power. How does this understanding of God’s providence challenge or comfort you?

2. The whole reason Paul is in prison boils down to who Jesus is–the Jews say he is dead, but Paul says he is alive. How have you been disliked or reviled due to your belief in the risen Savior?

3. Paul’s imprisonment was unjust. He did no wrong and should have been set free, yet this injustice is how Paul gets to preach to the rulers and is getting him to Rome. How have you seen or experienced an injustice or other difficult situation that has led to fruitful yet unforeseen situations?

4. Paul spent two years in prison. Surely, his daily routine would have been mundane and uncertain on what is next. However, he trusted God in those darkest hours. In what areas do you need to be reminded of God’s sovereign hand? What painful or perplexing situation needs the light of God’s gracious sovereignty?

5. Trusting God may raise a lot of questions from an unbelieving world. In what ways can we live a life that makes people ask those questions? How would you give a defense for the hope that is within you?