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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Known By God"

Overview of Sermon:
Paul’s passion is on full display in this passage, as he fights for the survival of the Galatian Christians and the honor of his Savior. He begins defining the problem at the heart of his letter: the Galatians are abandoning the sufficiency of Christ alone! Some thought they had good intentions in returning to the Law of the Judiasers, others followed depraved desires to pagan idolatry, but both were abandoning freedom in Christ for bondage in sin. So, Paul passionately pleas that they repent and turn to Christ. After all, Paul reminds them in verse 9 that they did not first love God; instead, in His sovereign grace, He wanted them and chose to love them first, which changes everything.

Discussion Questions:
1. How were you first awakened to the love of God that delivered you from the bondage of sin?

2. CJ pointed out that some of the Galatians thought they had good intentions in trying to heed the law, others pursued depraved idolatry, yet both were abandoning the sufficiency of Christ. How have you seen these temptations tempt you to not trust in Christ alone?

3. How does reflecting on God’s sovereign grace protect you from legalistic or idolatrous pursuits?

4. DA Carson said that “Paul was deeply involved in the lives of those he preaches to but unwilling to compromise on the truth of the Gospel”. How does this inspire your friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ?

5. Who in your life provokes pain at the sight of seeing them wander from Christ? How does this passage inform your prayers for them?