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Sermon Overview & Questions: "The Grace of Deliverance"

Overview of the Sermon:
From a young age, Paul’s parents taught him that the God of the Bible is a Deliverer. In Acts 22-23, we see the Lord faithfully deliver Paul through every trial. Paul proclaimed that Jesus delivered him from his sin, and sent him to proclaim the gospel to the gentiles, which resulted in a great uproar. By keeping Christ in view, Paul brilliantly silences both Jewish and Roman authorities seeking to brutally silence him. Despite Paul’s readiness to die for his Savior, the cause of Christ continues undefeated and equips Paul to reason with truth and grace among all parties. Paul knows that God has greatly privileged him, and uses this for the mission of Jesus, as Jesus personally draws near to Paul with the comfort and assurance to persevere.

Discussion Questions:
1. Brian pointed out that Paul likely knew God as Deliverer from the stories his father taught him. How does this inspire the stories you share about Jesus with your family?
2. Just like Paul, we too have troubles and difficulties. What troubles are you currently facing that could be prayed for?
3. Brian taught us that “Even though we aren’t apostles, the call of Christ still sends us into our neighborhoods, workplaces, recreational spaces, and families”. Who is Christ sending you to be a witness to and how can we pray for you in that?
4. “May we take all of our worldly privileges [like Paul] and use them for God’s glory and the advance of Christ’s cause”. What privilege has God given you that could be leveraged for His glory? And what might that look like?
5. Have you ever wondered what all of the chaos in your life was for? How does seeing Christ draw near, ensuring Paul will complete his race, encourage you in your journey?