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Sermon Quotes: "The Hidden Actor"

“With the change of administration, there was renewed hope for Paul. New procurators generally undertook a quick disposal of the cases their predecessors left behind. Often prisoners were released. With Festus coming, there was the prospect that Paul’s case would soon find a favorable resolution. Such was not to be.” John Polhill

“According to tradition, he was only a little fellow and unprepossessing in appearance, balding, with beetle brows, hooked nose and bandy legs, yet ‘full of grace’. Wearing neither crown nor gown, but only handcuffs and perhaps a plain prisoner’s tunic, he nevertheless dominated the court with his quiet, Christ like dignity and confidence.” John Stott

“This chapter sets the stage for Paul’s last recorded defense in Acts, in chapter 26. What appears to some as a minor religious dispute between a few Jews is actually the most important issue in the history of the world: the identity of Jesus of Nazareth.” Brian Vickers

“Theologically, the theme that is implicit in this chapter is the gracious providence of God, fulfilling his purpose for Paul by protecting him from injustice and making it possible for him to be transported to Rome. Paul may appear to be the passive pawn of characters and events outside his control. However, God is the hidden actor who influences all the events on the stage of history, as human beings play their part in the drama that unfolds.” David Peterson