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Sermon Quotes: "Nothing's Changed but Everything's Different"

“It sounds like the beating of David’s heart! Or maybe, in his imagination, the steadily approaching footsteps of his pursuers.” -Alec Motyer

“It describes an enduring quality of God, his tenacious commitment to his people even in the face of their lack of commitment to him. The psalmist believes in a God who has reached out for him and will never let go. Therein lies his hope.” -Robert Davidson

“The refrain finds David not only in reverent worship, but affirming something believers easily forget, not least when they are under duress. Here David meditates not on God’s sovereign power, but on God’s sovereign importance. More important, for David, than whether or not he gets out of the cave, is that God be exalted above the heavens. The passionate prayer that willingly submerges urgent personal interests to God’s glory breeds both joy and stability.” -D.A. Carson

“And how specifically is David comforting himself? In the glorification of God. In the midst of difficulty, the Holy Spirit delights to bring us into this settled place of contentment: as long as God is exalted, all is well. As long as he is known and lifted up and honored, my own welfare need not worry me too much. David begins this psalm asking for personal mercy but ends it by asking for divine glory.” -Dane Ortlund