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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Gospel Preserved for You"

Overview of Sermon:
In this passage, Paul tells the Galatian church about his visit to Jerusalem where he met with
Peter, James, and John. Paul is continuing to push back against the false teachers in Galatia by
demonstrating that the gospel he preached to them is the same message that the apostles in
Jerusalem preach. While Paul was in Jerusalem, false teachers tried to sway him and the other
apostles to require Gentile believers to be circumcised. However, Paul and the apostles were
not persuaded and fought to preserve the gospel for the sake of the church.

Discussion Questions:

1. In this passage, Paul continues his argument against the false teachers in Galatia. How does
Paul oppose the false teachers in this passage? How does Paul continue his argument against

2. C.J. pointed out that the gospel defines all of Paul’s relationships and governs Paul’s
priorities. In what ways does the gospel define Paul’s relationships and priorities?

3. Following Paul’s example, how does the gospel define your relationships and govern your

4. The false teachers, who snuck into Paul’s meeting with the apostles, sought to distort the
truth of the gospel. However, Paul fought for the souls of his sheep and preserve the gospel.
Like Paul, our pastors fight to preserve the gospel for us and future generations. How can we
support and encourage our pastors as they fight to preserve the gospel?

5. How have you see your fellow church members preserving the truth of the gospel? How can
you endeavored to preserve the gospel in your life, for your family, and for future generations?