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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Gospel Goes Next Door"

Acts 18 moves the gospel’s stage from global advancement to next door neighbors. While Acts
details critical events in the life and development of the early church, those developments
involve many individual lives changed through Jesus. We see the effects of the gospel in these
lives as it moves forward one person at a time; the gospel does this by producing three
qualities: community, hospitality, and humility. Acts 18 gives up-close examples of these
qualities in lives changed by the gospel.

Discussion Questions:
1. This passage reminds us of the personal, everyday nature of the gospel and its
transformation. What are some “gospel headlines” you’ve seen this week?

2. Steve reminded us that God cares about the details as he sovereignly brings people
together in every day situations. How has this affected your view of those you
interacted with this week?

3. Rosaria Butterfield says that hospitality is using your home to make neighbors the family
of God and to be earthly and spiritual good to everyone we meet. What are some ways
that you can cultivate and practice hospitality in your season of life?

4. John Stott reminds us that pride is our greatest enemy, and humility is our greatest
friend. What are some marks of humility that the gospel produces in us?

5. Verses 9 and 10 fulfill Acts 1:8. What do these passages say about the source of
confidence in our evangelism?