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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Blindsided By Betrayal"

Sermon Overview:
David describes in Psalm 54 the pain and perplexity of being betrayed by his own tribe. In his distress, David immediately turns to God rather than revenge. He reminds himself of who God is and what God does compared to human help. This forms the foundation of his confidence in the midst of the pain of betrayal. In his confidence, David also hands over to God the responsibility for punishment. Instead of dwelling on how he was sinned against, David then reflects on God’s goodness and how God has delivered him in the past, confident that God will do it again.

Discussion Questions:
1. David is aware of his need for help and that only the Lord’s help is sufficient for his circumstances. Where have you been tempted to look out rather than up in your trials? Where have you seen the fruit of looking up instead?

2. David unburdens his heart and casts his cares on the Lord by telling God about his betrayal in detail. CJ said this is ideally done aloud and specifically. Where have you experienced grace through this practice, or seen it in others?

3. David Powlison uses the term “fruitless remembering” to describe a place where we can get stuck when we’ve been sinned against. Given the model of this Psalm, what would be fruitful instead and what would that look like in your life?

4. The cross displays the ultimate betrayal and triumph over enemies. How does your confidence in Jesus amid betrayal/trials appear to the world?