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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "All Sufficient Merit"

Overview of the Sermon:
As Paul continues to address Peter, he answers the fundamental question of how a human being can be made right before God. Paul reiterates the logic of the gospel in that man is justified only through faith in Jesus, because works of the law cannot justify us. Rebuilding a reliance on keeping the law and departing from the gospel deprives us of all that the gospel has for us. Yet by dying to the law and living through Jesus’ righteousness, we are one with Christ, crucified with him, and enabled to live by faith in him.
Discussion Questions:
1. Paul introduces the doctrine of justification in this passage. What comes to your mind when you think of justification? 
2. Paul specifically confronts justification by works of the law, or doing all that the law requires. In what ways are you tempted to elevate obedience as a means of justification? How has Christ obeyed for you? 
3. We “have believed in Christ in order to be justified by faith in Christ” (v. 16). What significance does God’s imputation of Jesus’ righteousness to us carry? 
4. Because of the gospel, we have been crucified with Christ, he lives in us, and he helps us to live by faith (v. 20). What benefits of your justification have brought you comfort or encouragement this week?