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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Grace of Partnership"

Sermon Overview:
In this passage, Paul wants the church in Corinth to learn to love and be zealous for other churches. He desires churches to be united in gospel-partnership. Paul points to the example of the Macedonian church who gave with sacrificial joy and then Paul shows that Christ is sustaining motivation for partnership in advancing the gospel.

Discussion Questions:

1. Jared pointed out that this passage is about gospel-partnership. How does Paul encourage the Corinthian church to zealous love for other churches?

2. As Paul makes clear in this passage, partnership in the gospel is central to the advance of the gospel. However, the tendency of some individuals and churches is to be tempted toward independence. Have you been tempted to be independent as a Christian? If so, why?

3. Even though the Macedonian church was poor, they did not turn inward but rather they committed to serve other churches. What motivated them to partner with other churches? What is the motivation for us to serve other Christians and seek partnership with other churches?

4. Like the Macedonian church, do you marvel at the Lord Jesus Christ? How have you been amazed by Jesus this week?

5. Paul calls the Corinthian church to partnership for the advance of the Gospel. What are ways you can grow in the grace of gospel-partnership with other Christians?