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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "No Turning Back"

Sermon Overview:
The new Gentile Christians in Antioch are troubled by men coming from Judea and
teaching that Gentile Christians must follow the law of Moses in order to be fully accepted into the Christian faith. This leads to a debate in Jerusalem where Peter demonstrates that Gentile conversion is God’s work and choosing, and that cleansing was through faith and not the mosaic law for both Jew and Gentile. James concludes the council by pointing out that the prophets agree with Peter but that these Gentile Christians should abstain from some things that would be offensive to the Jewish Christians and hinder their fellowship with one another. The council's conclusion preserves the gospel as a work of God alone, through faith alone, by grace alone.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Jeff said when you heard the gospel and responded, it was God visiting you–how does this impact your view of your conversion?
  2. The heart of the discussion in the Jerusalem council was, “ How is a person made right with God?” Why is it important for us to be able to answer that question clearly in our own culture?
  3. Jeff explained that James asked the gentiles to not partake in some things that would have been offensive to the Jews, to the point of hindering their fellowship. What are some things that we avoid to keep fellowship growing in our local churches?
  4. Peter argued that God chose the gentiles by giving them the Holy Spirit in the same way the apostles were given the Holy Spirit. How does that inform our evangelism?