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Sermon Quotes: "Rome At Last"

“Luke intends us to marvel with him over the safe conduct of Paul to Rome. Circumstance after circumstance seemed calculated to make this impossible. Paul had expressed his intention to proceed straight from Jerusalem to Rome. Instead, he was arrested in Jerusalem, subjected to endless trials, imprisoned in Caesarea, threatened with assassination by the Jews, and then nearly drowned in the Mediterranean, killed by soldiers and poisoned by a snake! Each incident seemed to be designed to prevent him from reaching his God-planned, God-promised destination.” John Stott

“Even as a prisoner, he was being afforded something like his own triumphal entry into the capital! Everyone traveling with him must have been astonished by this turnout of his supporters.” David Peterson

“Pause and look for moments of God’s kindness to you. Write them down.” Michael Emlet

“Christians can rest assured that God’s control over history, seen here in the survival of Paul, is a reality with which they can reckon in their own lives, knowing that God will surely fulfill his purposes-whether through rescue from life-threatening situations, through the ability to persevere in suffering, or through the provision of courage to face death. Paul knows that no matter what happens in the lives of believers who trust God and his Son Jesus Christ, they can rest assured that ‘in all things God works for the good of those who love him’ (Rom. 8:28).” Eckhard Schnabel