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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Gospel from Heaven"

Sermon Overview:
Paul continues his address to the Galatians, drawing his argument from his own conversion story. The true gospel that Paul preaches is not from man but from God, received from the revelation of God’s saving grace in his life. This gospel relies entirely on God’s saving work and faith in response to that saving work as the basis for salvation. Paul himself, who was the least likely of converts, was saved only because of God’s initiative. His early ministry also solidified the effect of the gospel’s transformation, as Paul preached to those who he used to persecute and the church glorified God because of the gospel’s effect in Paul’s life.

Discussion Questions:

1. The opponents of the gospel insisted that Christians must also keep the Mosaic law to be considered a legitimate part of the people of God. What are some ways today that people add to the gospel as the defining mark of a Christian?

2. Paul violently persecuted the church, tried to destroy it, and was zealous for traditions (v. 13-14). What are the divine origins of the gospel in your conversion story?

3. Because the gospel is from God himself, we can have assurance and confidence. What confidence have you found in the gospel this past week?

4. A changed life is a powerful argument for the divine origin of the gospel. How does this passage inform how you interact with unbelievers?