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Sermon Quotes: "Pentecost Catches Up"

“Every text has a divine intention in our lives, which means every
text has a contribution to make in shaping us. That shaping intent
is more obvious in some texts than it is in others, but it is always
there and always at work.” Jeff Purswell

“In a word, they were still living in the Old Testament which
culminated with John the Baptist. They understood neither that
the new age had been ushered in by Jesus, nor that those who
believe in him and are baptized into him receive the distinctive
blessing of the new age, the indwelling Spirit.” John Stott

“In other words, they experienced a mini-Pentecost. Better,
Pentecost caught up on them. Better still, they were caught up
into it, as its promised blessings became theirs.” John Stott

“Ephesus was hospitable to magicians, sorcerers, and many
forms of religious syncretism.” David Peterson

“We never move on from the gospel, we move on in the gospel.”
J.I. Packer

“By depicting the defeat of the magicians in this way, Luke
conveyed the message that in the name of Jesus, the faithful shall
triumph over the forces of darkness: Christians need not fear the
devil.” David Peterson

“Luke attributes every spiritual advance to the word of the Lord or
the gospel.The narrator is not simply glorifying Paul. It is finally
the power of the word of the Lord that stands behind these
events.” David Peterson