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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Extravagant Devotion"

Sermon Overview:
Mary showed her love for Jesus by anointing him with costly perfume. Jesus commended her example and promised that her story would be proclaimed along with the gospel as an example of extravagant devotion. In light of the cross, we should imitate Mary’s example and show our love for the Savior in both big and small ways.

Discussion Questions:

1. In verse 9, Jesus promises that Mary’s example would be proclaimed around the world. Why did He promise this?

2. Who in your life has modeled extravagant devotion to Jesus?

3. How can you emulate Mary’s example and show costly devotion to Jesus with what is most valuable to you?

4. How does the cross motivate us to love Christ with costly love?

5. How can we seek to show costly devotion to the Lord in evangelism?