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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Day When Everything Changed"

Sermon Overview:
Despite facing trials and injustice, Paul gave his defense to Festus and Agrippa with unshakeable hope. Paul told them the story of his misdirected life before Christ and how Christ transformed him. Like Paul, we find that a true encounter with the risen Christ radically transforms our heart’s allegiance and our life’s purpose.

Discussion Questions:

1.  Brian pointed out in v.14 that Paul was kicking “against the goads”. Why is this significant, and how does it remind you of your own life before Christ?

2.  After meeting Jesus, Paul became a man with unshakeable hope, even when he was imprisoned. In what areas of life might you be looking to something other than Jesus for purpose and hope?

3. Brian described how God transforms our life purpose so that we can make much of Jesus, even when our lives may seem mundane. How can you seek to make much of Jesus in the circumstances He has placed you?

4. One evidence of God’s transforming grace is having a fierce love for the church. Who has been an example to you of love for the church?

5. Encountering the risen Christ deepens our desire to see others come to faith. How did this sermon encourage you to pursue evangelism?