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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Wonder of Forgiveness"

Overview of Sermon:
Recounting his own experience, David rejoices in the LORD’s forgiveness available for all who repent of their sin. David reflects on initially keeping silent about his sin and the LORD’s mercy in bringing conviction for his wrongdoing, which leads to his confession of sin and receiving full forgiveness. David exalts in the glorious blessing that the LORD counts no iniquity against those that trust in Him for forgiveness.

Discussion Questions:
1. CJ mentioned that the blessing of Psalm 32:1-2 exists alongside of the blessing of Psalm 1:1–How are these two blessings distinct and yet both simultaneously true?

2. David uses three different words to describe wickedness in the passage: sin, transgression,
and iniquity. What is the significance of using more than one, or even two, words to describe
sin in this passage? How does this comfort you, as one who has sinned against the LORD?

3. CJ noted that the LORD does not count iniquity against those who repent of their sins while
reminding us of Brian’s message last week from Galatians 3 that the LORD does count
righteousness to the repentant through faith alone. Why are both of these truths important,
and which reality do you most struggle to remember and apply in your walk with the LORD?

4. The LORD bringing David’s sin to light was explained by CJ as the mercy of God. How has the LORD mercifully brought hidden sin to the surface in your life?

5. Drawing upon the passage, how would you share the gospel with an unbeliever who views
their own sin as too great or too numerous to be forgiven by the LORD?