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Sermon Overview & Questions: "The Plot Thickens"

Sermon Overview:
Luke must have been amazed at God’s providence as he wrote the story of the plot of the religious leaders to kill Paul. The religious leaders were blinded by hatred and thought their plot to kill Paul was a holy sacrifice. Little did they know that this plot was overheard by Paul’s nephew who quickly reported it to Paul and the Roman Centurion. Upon hearing of the plot, the Centurion prevented it by sending Paul to Caesarea. This story helps prepare us for the realities of suffering when we honor Christ publicly and shows his providential care in those moments.

Discussion Questions:

1. CJ mentioned that if the plot to kill Paul had succeeded, there would be no prison epistles (Ephesians, Philipians, Colossians, and Philemon). What parts of scripture that have impacted you the most, would never have been written?

2. CJ says that this passage informs our theology of suffering when living for Christ publicly. How does this passage give you fresh courage in our present shifting culture?

3. CJ quoted Greg Morse’s article Confrontational Christlikeness in helping us understand that being Christlike will bring suffering. How have you been tempted to be quietly polite in the workplace or other public settings?

4. What does it look like to stand firmly in the truths of God’s word while giving answers that are built in biblical conviction and steeped in the grace of the Gospel?

5. CJ said that God providentially cares for the christian who publicly testifies of Christ. How have you seen this providential care of God in your own life, or others' lives?