Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Most Joyful Event"

Sermon Overview:
In this passage, the resurrected Jesus appears to His startled and skeptical disciples. He speaks peace to them and shows them His wounds. He opens their minds to perceive who He is. This Easter, we can rejoice because our Savior has opened our minds to see Him, too. We see Him as the all-sufficient Savior who has met our greatest need and conquered death.

Discussion Questions:
  1. In v. 36, Jesus speaks peace to His disciples. Why is this significant?
  2. Consider how you came to believe in the resurrection. How did you change from being skeptical about the resurrection to believing in it?
  3. Jesus showed His disciples how the Scriptures pointed to Him. How have you seen Jesus in your Bible reading lately? What’s one passage you’ve read that points to Him?
  4. CJ stated that “Easter announces the forgiveness of sins.” How does this total forgiveness you've received transform your disposition and the way you interact with others?
  5. This sermon emphasized just how good the good news is. What aspect of the gospel are you most excited to share with nonbelievers?
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