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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Treasuring Adoption"

Overview of Sermon:
Continuing in his commentary about the Old Testament law, Paul explains that before the coming of Christ, Israel was like a small child that was too young to inherit the fullness of their inheritance, a role not much different than a slave. Similarly, Gentiles, being enslaved to the world, were also unable to realize the inheritance God would have for his people. In Christ, however, both Jews and Gentiles are redeemed from their slavery and even adopted as sons of God. Receiving the Spirit of God’s Son, all of God’s children are now rightfully able to inherit the full promises of God: most importantly, God himself.
Discussion Questions:
1. In what way do verses 1-3 distinguish the promises God made to the Jewish people through Abraham while still placing Jews and Gentiles in the same state before God?
2. God is the initiator of all events (verses 4-6). What does God’s initiation tell us about the gospel and His very character?
3. Verse 5 explains two purposes of why God sent forth his Son to be born of woman, under the law. What significance do these purposes have in your life? 
4. How could you use this passage in a conversation with a non-Christian friend who doesn’t feel like God could ever love them?