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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "No Little Disturbance"

Sermon Overview:
In this sermon, C. J. draws our attention to the great disturbance in Acts 20. Paul’s preaching has threatened the economy of Ephesus by reducing the worship of Artemis and the sale of idols. The idol craftsmen whose trade is suffering incite a mob against Paul. However, the ones calling for the arrest of Paul and others were threatened with disturbing the peace and rioting by the town clerk. The church was defended by the laws of order in Ephesus. 

Discussion Questions:
1. In Verses 24 and 25, Demetrius draws in the silversmiths and targets the church for hampering their business but cloaked the argument in religious sentiment. As you see the gospel advance around you, where have you seen this today? How have you seen the economy changed by the advance of the gospel?

2. In verse 30, Paul wanted to get in the thick of mob but had to be restrained by the disciples. What about thus type of leadership encourages you to follow Jesus better?

3. C. J. pointed out that the state’s reaction to the church was particularly important to the church in the 1st century. In what ways do you see the state’s reaction to the church now? How have you seen the church protected by the laws of the state?

4. Paul’s preaching and teaching was changing the culture of Ephesus—the idol makers were losing money and felt threatened. Do you think the people around you feel threatened in lifestyle by you? Do share a gospel that calls people to change?

5. All too often change is despised and challenged. How can Christians live a life that threatens idolatry and calls for change, yet welcomes people where they are and draws them into the church?