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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "An Unexpected Entrance"

Overview of Sermon:
Matthew details Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem that marks the start of Holy Week. Jesus deliberately planned his entry to fulfill the prophecy in Zechariah and deliberately reveal his identity as the Messiah. He rode on a colt to draw attention to his identity as the Messiah and humility instead of coming as a warrior-king. This would ultimately find expression in his laying down his life for his enemies rather than conquering them.
Discussion Questions:
1. Read verses 1-5. How are Jesus’ intentions revealed in getting and riding on the colt?

2. CJ encouraged us to avoid the tendency of familiarity. What aspect of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem freshly stood out to you?

3. How has the Lord met you in your reflections of Jesus’ last week before the crucifixion? What has particularly struck you?