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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Pentecost Catches Up"

Sermon Overview:
In Acts 19, Paul meets a group of disciples from ‘John’s baptism,’ who know nothing of Jesus Christ. Paul shares the gospel with them, and upon hearing, they believe and are baptized. This is followed with a ‘mini-Pentecost’ moment when the Spirit uniquely evidences their new birth with signs and gifts. Some Jewish exorcists try to use Jesus’ name to cast out a demon from a possessed man. However, the demoniac acknowledges Jesus, and Paul, but not these imposters and attacks them. The local Ephesians respond to all of this with belief in Jesus and public repentance from secret sins in a mass confession and book burning. These strange stories are intentionally preserved by God to instruct us that Jesus Christ alone has the power to save those who believe and is not simply a magic trick to profit from. He exposes the secrets of our hearts, graciously leads us to salvation through His gospel, and gives hope that His Word will continue to save.

Discussion Questions:
1. Where are you struggling with unbelief in the sufficiency of Christ for your life?

2. J.I. Packer says, “We never move on from the gospel, we move on in the gospel.” How can you further study the gospel and address inadequate knowledge of Christ?

3. How does the gospel defend you in resisting your temptation to fear?

4. CJ informed us that, “This passage is intended to shape us by convicting us of lingering secret sin.” Is there any secret or lingering sin in your life that you need to bring into the light of Christ?

5. How do the results of God’s Word (verse 20) from these two stories encourage you as you seek the ministry of the Word and seek to minister the Word to others?