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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Lessons from a Heart Attack"

Overview of Sermon:
Bill Kittrell encouraged us to live by faith instead of giving into doubt or despair in suffering and shared 5 lessons that he learned from a heart attack. First, he learned that God is in control and active in our lives. He also learned that he could do things he thought he could not do and that God uses means of grace to help us do hard things. Fourth, Bill realized that the Lord really loved him personally even when he was anxious. Lastly, Bill became aware and alert to Satan’s attacks during trials.

Discussion Questions:

1. How did this sermon help increase your confidence that God is truly in control of your life?

2. Bill referenced Isaiah 40:26 where we see how God’s power sustains the heavens and sustains us. How has God’s almighty power strengthened you to do things you didn’t think you could do, and what means of grace did he use to do that?

3. How do you think the Lord views you when you are going through suffering?

4. How might you be experiencing spiritual warfare currently, and how did this sermon encourage you in that fight?

5. This sermon provided a Christian perspective on suffering. How could you come alongside a suffering nonbeliever in your life and point them to the Lord through having a conversation about suffering?