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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Promise of the Inheritance"

Overview of Sermon:
In this passage, we see that God makes promises so that Christians can receive a glorious
inheritance. Obeying the law can’t give us an inheritance, but God’s eternal promises to Abraham can. This is because the promises came before the law and endure beyond it. Through Christ (Abraham’s true offspring), we can live by the promise, not by the law. We can live in the good of the grace and forgiveness that are our inheritance in Christ.

Discussion Questions:

1. Steve pointed out that the word “gave” in verse 18 is the verb from grace. This means that God has “graced” us or gifted us the inheritance. What are you grateful for about God’s extravagant grace?

2. How did this sermon remind you of God’s unchanging commitment to forgive your sins,
whether a major sin from years ago or the sins of last week?

3. How are you tempted to think you can contribute to your salvation? Do you struggle more
with comparison, pride in your own efforts, or despair at feeling like your efforts are never

4. Are you enjoying the inheritance that God has given you? How can you remind yourself of
what you have inherited?

5. How can we seek to make grace central in our evangelism and emphasize to nonbelievers
that our good works don’t get us to heaven?