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Sermon Quotes: "Love"

“In John’s vocabulary, world is primarily the moral order in willful and culpable rebellion against God. In John 3:16 God’s love in sending the Lord Jesus is to be admired not because it is extended to so big a thing as the world, but to so bad a thing; not to so many people, as to such wicked people.” - D.A. Carson

“It is staggering that God should love sinners; yet it is true. God loves creatures who have become unlovely and (one would have thought) unlovable. There was nothing whatever in the objects of his love to call it forth; nothing in us could attract or prompt it. Love among persons is awakened by something in the beloved, but the love of God is free, spontaneous, uncaused. God loves people because he has chosen to love them and no reason for his love can be given except for his own sovereign good pleasure.” - J.I. Packer

“God has done astonishing and costly things to draw near to us and draw us near to himself. God has done the hardest thing imaginable for him to do-He did not spare His own son.” -  John Piper

“The debt was so great that, while man alone owed it, only God could pay it.” - Anselm

“When we think of Christ dying on the cross we are shown the lengths to which God’s love goes in order to win us back to himself. We would almost think that God loved us more than he loves his Son! We cannot measure love by any other standard. He is saying to us: I love you this much. The cross is the heart of the gospel. It makes the gospel good news: Christ died for us. He has stood in our place before God’s judgment seat. He has borne our sins. God has done something on the cross we could never do for ourselves. But God does something to us as well as for us through the cross. He persuades us that he loves us.” - Sinclair Ferguson

“Eternal life is not so much everlasting life as personal knowledge of the Everlasting One.” - D.A. Carson