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Sermon Quotes: "The Giver of All Good Gifts"

“It is impossible to walk with God if we question his goodness.” - Kent Hughes

“Since God controls all that happens in his world, every meal, every pleasure, every possession, every bit of sun, every night’s sleep, every moment of health and safety, everything else that sustains and enriches life, is a divine gift. And how abundant these gifts are! ‘Count your blessings, name them one by one,’ urges the children’s chorus, and anyone who seriously begins to list his natural blessings alone will soon feel the force of the next line-‘and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.’” - J.I. Packer

“The high spots of my life present themselves in retrospect as a series of surprises-happy surprises, from the hand of a very gracious God. Is that unusual? I doubt it. But I also doubt that we dwell on the happy surprises as often and as thoughtfully as we should…So I say: Look for happy surprises, for they will help you to keep expressing proper gratitude to God all your days.” - J.I. Packer

“At the end of the day pause and look for moments of God’s kindness to you. Write them down. As I self-consciously practiced the discipline of gratitude, as I looked for glimmers of God’s daily goodness, and faithfulness, I found my affections changing and my enjoyment of God growing.” - Mike Emlet

“James is not writing a scientific treatise but is using general language about the constant motion of the heavenly bodies to make a point about God: he does not change like the heavens do.” - Douglas Moo

“We are God’s people because of a total act of grace-rooted in God’s unprompted goodness.” - Kent Hughes

“Regeneration is God’s work, not man’s. O, do you know what it means to be a Christian? Do you stand amazed and speechless you are a Christian? Do you look back with wonder and awe at the miracle of your new birth? Or do you take so much credit for it yourself that it doesn’t occur to you to fall on your face and thank God you are a Christian? Think on it! If you have any spiritual desire for God, it is owing to the work of God in regeneration. If you have any love for holiness, it is owing to the work of God in regeneration. If you have any hatred for sin, it is owing to the work of God in regeneration. If you have a mustard see of faith in Christ, it is owing to the work of God in regeneration. To God be the glory for our conversion to Christ! Consider and be astounded, all you who by nature are children of wrath, that you believe in Christ and are new children of the Almighty. Regeneration is a glorious work of God, not man.” - John Piper