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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Known By God"
on April 24th, 2024
Overview of Sermon:Paul’s passion is on full display in this passage, as he fights for the survival of the Galatian Christians and the honor of his Savior. He begins defining the problem at the heart of his letter: the Galatians are abandoning the sufficiency of Christ alone! Some thought they had good intentions in returning to the Law of the Judiasers, others followed depraved desires to pagan i...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Treasuring Adoption"
on April 17th, 2024
Overview of Sermon: Continuing in his commentary about the Old Testament law, Paul explains that before the coming of Christ, Israel was like a small child that was too young to inherit the fullness of their inheritance, a role not much different than a slave. Similarly, Gentiles, being enslaved to the world, were also unable to realize the inheritance God would have for his people. In Christ, how...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Life After Prison"
on April 17th, 2024
Overview of Sermon: In his letter to the Galatians, Paul is on a mission to rescue the Galatian believers from a false gospel. Chapter 3 begins with Paul arguing that the true people of God are those who have faith like Abraham. In Gal. 3:19-29 Paul addresses the question, if faith is what counts, what then is the purpose of the law? The two purposes of the law are to reveal true nature of sin and...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Behold"
on April 3rd, 2024
Overview of Sermon: In this sermon, CJ beckons us to come behold the risen Savior. The two Marys beheld an angel, pointing to the Risen Christ who is not in the tomb. Later, Jesus honored the ladies by appearing to them first. He then asked them to send word to the disciples to meet him in Galilee. Jesus shows his tender heart toward the deserting disciples by calling them his brothers.   Discussi...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "An Unexpected Entrance"
on April 3rd, 2024
Overview:Matthew details Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem that marks the start of Holy Week. Jesus deliberately planned his entry to fulfill the prophecy in Zechariah and deliberately reveal his identity as the Messiah. He rode on a colt to draw attention to his identity as the Messiah and humility instead of coming as a warrior-king. This would ultimately find expression in his laying down his life for ...  Read More
Holy Week Resources
on March 25th, 2024
Dear Church,As CJ reminded us this morning, it would be a most wise use of our time if we purposefully slowed down over the next few days in order to devote our attention to the events of Holy Week. We pray these resources will serve to deepen our admiration and affections for Christ—the One who deliberately made His way to a hill called Golgotha and died on the cross as the sin bearing substitute...  Read More