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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "O Foolish Galatians"
on February 28th, 2024
Overview of the Sermon:In response to the Galatian church’s risk of losing their grip on the gospel, Paul issues a series of pointed questions. In this sermon, Steve summarized Paul’s questions, and turned them towards us. As the Galatians’ assurance of salvation drifted from Christ alone to their own works, Paul essentially asks “How did your salvation begin?” Since there is no rest, no joy, no a...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "All Sufficient Merit"
on February 21st, 2024
Overview of the Sermon: As Paul continues to address Peter, he answers the fundamental question of how a human being can be made right before God. Paul reiterates the logic of the gospel in that man is justified only through faith in Jesus, because works of the law cannot justify us. Rebuilding a reliance on keeping the law and departing from the gospel deprives us of all that the gospel has for u...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Gospel Collision"
on February 21st, 2024
Overview of Sermon: In this sermon, CJ motivated us towards consistent conduct for the preservation and advancement of the gospel. Peter’s public offense involved his withdrawal from fellowship with Gentile believers due to the fear of man from the “circumcision party”, and by so doing, Peter was out of step with his gospel beliefs. Paul then made a public opposition to Peter by confronting his be...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Gospel Preserved for You"
on February 7th, 2024
Overview of Sermon:In this passage, Paul tells the Galatian church about his visit to Jerusalem where he met withPeter, James, and John. Paul is continuing to push back against the false teachers in Galatia bydemonstrating that the gospel he preached to them is the same message that the apostles inJerusalem preach. While Paul was in Jerusalem, false teachers tried to sway him and the otherapostles...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Gospel from Heaven"
on January 30th, 2024
Sermon Overview:Paul continues his address to the Galatians, drawing his argument from his own conversion story. The true gospel that Paul preaches is not from man but from God, received from the revelation of God’s saving grace in his life. This gospel relies entirely on God’s saving work and faith in response to that saving work as the basis for salvation. Paul himself, who was the least likely ...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "No Other Gospel"
on January 24th, 2024
“[Galatians is] my own epistle, to which I have plighted my troth. It is my own Katie von Bora” - Martin Luther“The glory of the gospel is that God has declared Christians to be rightly related to him in spite of their sin. But our greatest temptation and mistake is to try to smuggle character into his work of grace.” - Sinclair Ferguson“The true gospel is in its essence what Paul called it in Act...  Read More