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Sermon Quotes: "One Thing Is Necessary"
on January 3rd, 2024
“New Year’s finds me employed. I compare it to a hill on the road from the top of which I endeavor to look back on the way the Lord has led me thus far through the wilderness. I look around to contemplate the difference his goodness has made between my situation, and that of thousands of my fellow creatures. I then look forward and perceive that I am drawing apace to my journey’s end. I shall soon...  Read More
Bible Reading in 2024
on January 2nd, 2024
January is often a season of new beginnings. Maybe this is the time of year you wonder about trying to read the bible? And maybe you don’t really know where to start. Or you’ve tried before and the wheels fell off by February.Well, there’s good news for you! can look at plans without fear of condemnation because bible reading is not something we do to get or keep God’s approval. To put it simply, ...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Love"
on December 26th, 2023
“In John’s vocabulary, world is primarily the moral order in willful and culpable rebellion against God. In John 3:16 God’s love in sending the Lord Jesus is to be admired not because it is extended to so big a thing as the world, but to so bad a thing; not to so many people, as to such wicked people.” - D.A. Carson“It is staggering that God should love sinners; yet it is true. God loves creatures...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Joy"
on December 19th, 2023
“The principle which Paul is applying here is that behind every display of divine goodness stands a threat of severity in judgment if that goodness is scorned. If we do not let it draw us to God in gratitude and responsive love, we have only ourselves to blame when God turns against us…The Bible makes much of the patience and forbearance of God in postponing merited judgments in order to extend th...  Read More
Sermon Quotes: "Peace"
on December 13th, 2023
“Isaiah’s new message is for people whose whole world has been shattered.” - Barry Webb“Enmity gives way to embrace.” - Graham Cole“The noun means ‘the double’, the dual usage suggests the two halves of something folded in half, the one being the replica of the other. This points to a meaning like “the equivalent” or “that which exactly matches’. For is a preposition of price, meaning ‘in payment ...  Read More
Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Peace"
on December 12th, 2023
Sermon Overview:In Isaiah chapter forty, the tone changes from confrontation of sin and rebellion in the chapters leading up, to a tender voice speaking of comfort for God’s people. Surprisingly, this is God’s tender voice, and He has not forsaken His people. He repeatedly comforts them with news of peace and pardon through His full payment for their sin. A heralding cry will prepare the Lord’s wa...  Read More