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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Peace"

Sermon Overview:
In Isaiah chapter forty, the tone changes from confrontation of sin and rebellion in the chapters leading up, to a tender voice speaking of comfort for God’s people. Surprisingly, this is God’s tender voice, and He has not forsaken His people. He repeatedly comforts them with news of peace and pardon through His full payment for their sin. A heralding cry will prepare the Lord’s way, and everyone will see His glory. We see this hope in the New Testament when John the Baptist proclaims that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, has come to pay the pardon for sin, making peace with God.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is so comforting about this passage for those facing dark circumstances?

2. How does peace with God affect your hope in suffering?

3. CJ reminded us that, “When we are faithless, God remains faithful”. How does this comfort you in this season of your life?

4. CJ pointed out that in the chapter before we see king Hezekiah indifferent to the consequences of sin. How can this passage warm our hearts from cold indifference?

5. CJ pled with unbelievers, that the Gospel alone can bring full forgiveness, comfort, and peace. Who in your life does this bring to mind, to plead with God to save?