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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Heaven's Riddle: Wax & Gold"

Sermon Overview:
In Mark 11:27-12:12, Jesus seemingly doesn’t answer a question about his authority. But below the surface, Jesus is actually asserting His divine authority with a parable about a fruitless vineyard and faithless tenants. Ultimately, Jesus is the Beloved Son who came to a rebellious people. He is the Cornerstone upon which a new temple is built. This passage reminds us that godly leaders fear God, that we should keep looking to Jesus, and that we should stand in awe of the free grace of God.

Discussion Questions:
1. Temple imagery is key to this passage and surrounding verses. In 12:10, Jesus is described as the Cornerstone of a new temple–the church. How does this metaphor enlarge your view of the church?

2. Michael pointed out that godly leaders truly fear God. How have you experienced godly, God-fearing leadership in the church or other Christian contexts?

3. Jesus died as the ransom for our sins, taking them all upon himself. Is there a particular sin you are trying to hide or bear the guilt where you need to look to Jesus and accept his free forgiveness?

4. Michael encouraged us to continue looking to Jesus. What are some specific ways that we as church members can keep looking to Jesus?

5. This sermon highlighted the Father’s deep love for sinners and the free grace offered to us in the gospel. How can we seek to share this rich gospel with nonbelievers, particularly as we head into the holidays?