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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Your Words Are Wonderful"

Sermon Overview:
In this sermon, Mr. Spring encourages people to love God’s Word. First, he calls us to bask in the Word of God by loving and longing for time to read and study. Second, he exposes barriers to our love of the Word, pointing mainly to our flesh and the Devil. Third, he leads us in how to break through in our Bible reading; we should pray, plan, and persevere in daily reading and study. Mr. Spring encouraged us to take heart in the slow and imperceptive growth from loving and reading the Word of God.

Discussion Questions:
1. Riley began by giving the example of a man who did not like jazz music until watching a saxophone player fully engaged in his craft. Has there been someone that has deepened your affection for God’s Word by observing his/her love for it?

2. These verses point us to love and long for the Word of God. How do they motivate you towards loving and longing for God’s Word?

3. There are many barriers to disciplined pursuit of God’s Word. What are your biggest barriers? How does your flesh and the Devil work at fighting against you?

4. In breaking through these barriers to pursuing the Word of God, what habits do you desire and pray to cultivate?

5. How can the light cast by the unfolding of God’s Word (verse 130) help us transmit that holy luminance to a dark world?