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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Delivered From Distress"

Sermon Overview:
After being delivered from his enemies David pens Psalm 18, rejoicing in the steadfast love of the LORD made tangible in the delivering of his life from certain death. David recounts the severity of his circumstances and exalts in God’s execution of justice on his behalf. Psalm 18 expresses the LORD’s deliverance-in-action both towards his anointed King David as well as all of God’s people saved from the danger of their sins through the Ultimate Anointed One, King Jesus.

Discussion Questions:
1. Psalm 18 describes God’s acts of justice using many different metaphors. What are some of the metaphors that stuck out most clearly to you in the psalm, and how do they help you better understand the LORD’s character?

2. In moments of injustice enacted against God’s people, Brian reminded us that the LORD is anything but indifferent. Are you ever tempted to view God’s disposition towards injustice in your life as indifferent? How does Psalm 18 help correct that view?

3. Brian mentioned that intentionally revisiting specific moments of deliverance in one’s life helps to stir affections for love of the LORD. What are a few moments of God’s past deliverance in your life that stir your affections for the LORD? How might you prepare yourself to recall them during times of trial?

4. Verses 34-35 are best applied to present-day Christians by meditating on the reality that the LORD equips his people for every season and circumstance, whether school, work, homemaking, or any other season. How have you seen the LORD equip you for a specific circumstance in your life?