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Sermon Quotes: "Everyday Prayer"

“Look at the first four words of Matthew 6:5, ‘And when you pray…’ There is no such thing as a non-praying Christian…Our prayer life should be like the iceberg in the ocean, with a great mass of spirituality under the surface that no one can see, rather than iceberg lettuce floating in the water, with all the vegetable on top and nothing under the surface. Our prayer life should be more than meets the eye.”  - Kevin DeYoung

“And now let us consider and admire, that ever this great and blessed God should be so much concerned as you have heard he is, in all his providences, about such vile, despicable worms as we are! He needs us not, but is perfectly blessed and happy in himself without us. We can add nothing to him…yet see how great account he makes of us…Without (a due observation of the work of Providence), we lose the usefulness and benefit of all the works of God for us or others, which would be an unspeakable loss indeed to us. This is the food our faith lives upon in days of distress…” - John Flavel

“(The Lord taught) that (God) excludes from among his children those who, quick to seek revenge and slow to forgive, persist in their enmities and who, maintaining their ill-will and animosity against their neighbor, ask God to overlook and forget his hostility toward them. They should not be so bold, therefore, in invoking him as Father.” - John Calvin